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Motoring Offences

With our congested roads and challenges such as variable speed restrictions, mobile speed cameras etc even the most vigilant and careful driver can sometimes fall foul of the law. We are here to ensure your legal rights are upheld.

In any circumstance where your driving licence is at risk from penalty point endorsement or disqualification we will help. We pride ourselves on providing a tailored service to meet your needs. We are able to deal with certain cases by way of letter to the Court avoiding the worry of wasted time and expense in you having to attend court personally.

If you need your licence for work or other essential personal reasons we have specialist motoring lawyers who work hard to make sure you stay on the road.

Drink Drive offences can result in mandatory disqualification . We advise and represent clients on the law and procedure of breathalyser offences providing them with the best possible defence advice.

If you are required at the police station for interview we will attend on your behalf FREE of charge.

For free no obligation advice on the telephone or to make an appointment please contact  Chris Evans on 01446 792535 or