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Mediation is an alternative to expensive and destructive litigation. The process is designed to bring the parties to a dispute together in the same place and on the same day. The Mediator is not a Judge. His or her role is to spend time with both parties to explore the matters in issue and hopefully facilitate a compromise that is acceptable to all concerned . The parties remain in control of  their dispute and do not leave a decision to the uncertainty of a Court Judgement.

The Courts encourage mediation and court action should be considered as a last resort .

You may believe your opponent is absolutely wrong. You may want your day in court. Stop and think . Could you be in the wrong – just a little bit ? Do you know how much your “day in court” will cost you in time, stress and money ?

A properly run mediation can in theory settle your case in a day . You can go home at the end of that day with a written agreement and get on with your life without the daily worry of being at the centre of a dispute . Isn’t it worth a try ?

Vale Solicitors have accredited mediators who are highly experienced in their fields.

Michael Morgan LLB Hons , Solicitor
Civil and Commercial Mediator
Accredited by The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors
Michael  has been a Solicitor for over 35 years and has always sought to resolve disputes by negotiation than litigation . He is able to deal with most types of civil or commercial disputes and his particular interest is Probate and Property Matters